Violet Flame Irradiation

The VIOLET FLAME is that aspect of Source Energy which assists Humanity in continually transmuting negative karma, according to the desire of the individual to do so. It remains the most primordial focus of Divine Love and Light that has, from time immemorial, sought to bathe the Planet in It's alchemically transforming Grace, perpetually recognizing and rewarding the forgiving spirit in Mankind as we grow and evolve.


The inherent dualistic nature of earthly living automatically stimulates the cause and effect mechanism that affects how we live and understand our life. As everything is energy, the thoughts, feelings and actions that we continually generate that are misaligned through judgment or fear, must "go somewhere".


Our thoughts, actions and feelings based in Love that are in alignment, in and of themselves expand and grow to manifest a positive outcome in any situation. We often hide our "darker" side, sometimes imploding with an inner life that can prove guilt ridden and shame filled. We have learned from lifetimes of trial and error that acting upon negative impulses can bring about unpleasant conequences.


In other words "negative" energy must play itself out, remain hidden until it no longer can, or transmute into another form of energy, in thought or feeling. This represents the internal dynamic of our entire human experience, and the need for reincarnation itself until such time as we sufficiently heal - and Ascend. Connecting consciously with the Violet Flame can greatly assist us in this regard. 


For lifetimes, the ego's incessant pursuit to satiate lower desire has caused most of us to reincarnate over and again, the vehicle of physical death providing the only respite in many cases to allow our soul "breathing room" in order to recuperate in Spirit, then once again rebirth into form, and continue the journey of learning to transmute negative density we ourselves, although unwittingly, have created in yet another lifetime! And thus the seemingly endless cycle of birth and rebirth.


The Violet Flame represents one of the most important of the Divine Dispensations that we can avail ourselves of. It has burned eternally, and has been championed and stewarded by the Ascended Master St. Germain, both during His many important earthly incarnations and in Spirit as Chohan of the 7th Divine Ray of Creation, where the Violet Flame emanates from.


At pivotal moments in Mankind's history, St. Germain has sought, in various human forms to liberate the masses on a universal level, fighting for justice, mercy and democracy wherever the Dark had succeeded in gaining a foothold in the collective psyche. His journey into Mastery and Divinity can serve as a prime role model in how to progress along the Spiritual Path. Utilizing the Violet Flame is an important component in this journey.

As with all of the Energies of Creation, anyone can and should connect with the Violet Flame in prayer and affirmation, or in meditation. To that end, ASCENSION LIGHT SOURCE offers the video, ('Igniting the Violet Flame'), which one can work with at any time. It is linked directly below.


As we awaken to our true multi-dimensional self, we become more aware that we are indeed 100% responsible for creating our own reality, moment by moment. The Law of Attraction intoxicates us with the unlimited possiblity of realigning with our own Source and producing only good feeling thoughts, leading to a brighter life circumstance. Yet, there may remain stubborn and deeply entrenched energy patterns that we need time, and help with to transcend.


Now that the Planetary Ascension has begun, and the 7th Divine Ray of Creation has focused strongly in our Dimension to bring Humanity to the Golden Age of Light, the Violet Flame has experienced a renaissance in Mankind's estimation. We somehow recognize It as a real friend, who we can call upon at any time to help us find the way out of the karmic quagmire of any unresolved issues we may be facing.


The Violet Flame works at the cellular level, literally loosening any dense, energetic debris lodged in our atomic structure, removing it from the individual cell and allowing the electrons to spin more brightly between the nucleus and the atom's membrane, naturally raising our receptivity to Light - and thus Love! It's extremely pure and high vibration can be seen and felt as a violet hue. Science recognizes the violet shade as exhibiting the finest wavelength in the visible spectrum of light.


Receiving a 'Violet Flame Irradiation' session is a wonderful way to stimulate the action of the Violet Flame upon all levels of our being, including the aura. The facilitator acts as a conduit to hold space for a concentrated application of the Flame upon a client, maximizing the client's ability to release recalcitrant patterns of behaviour and thought. As the cellular structure is transformed with Light, any density present will dissipate of it's own accord, and one can regain full health and the ability to manifest powerfully. We can live with a "clear" head and an "open" heart - literally!


One may receive a session at anytime. It is suggested that there be a waiting period of three weeks between each session to accomodate any changes that your Higher Self is ready to integrate. The session can be experienced remotely in the comfort and privacy of your own space, or may be received in-person.


If you wish to become a Practitioner and offer this wonderful service professionally, please click on the link given below for more information. Although everyone can invoke the Violet Flame on one's own, and are indeed encouraged to do so, only a licensed practitioner with ALS may facilitate a 'Violet Flame Irradiation' session for you.



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