Travel Availability For Events

For Initiations / Activations -

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ASCENSION LIGHT SOURCE is a mobile operation. Although based in New York City, Mr. Citro often travels abroad as his schedule permits, offering any of the Modalities presented here on this website.


Each situation is different and each group's needs will vary. If you are drawn to a particular Initiation or Certification that you would like to host in your city, click on the image above and send us a detailed request. You will be contacted to negotiate and coordinate an event date. The exchange for each Modality is established per individual recipient and cannot be adjusted based on the amount of people expected to attend. Payment plans are always available and may be discussed when setting up an event.


There is usually a minimum number of people that would need to be committed with deposit, dependent upon the distance of location from New York City and the logistics involved. It is best to plan at least a month ahead from time of initial contact to the actual event as there are many factors involved in an event coming to fruition.

For Custom Workshops / Seminars -

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ASCENSION LIGHT SOURCE is happy to custom design a workshop for your group. For a regular event, your custom designed experience would last approximately four hours, with a break scheduled in the middle, of your desired length. We could also create a mini-workshop of three hours which you could offer on a weeknight with a miminal break midway.


Once your contract (and fee) is established with ALS, you may then charge your group whatever exchange you would like and depending on the physical space, invite as many people as can safely be sat. It is suggested to follow the pricing guidelines for ALS as closely as possible in charging a fee to your group. Mr. Citro will be happy to consult with you as to the best options. All responsibility of logistics, and refreshments, etc., would fall to you as the host(s). As well, booking a local healing center for the day. Host should also take care of any flyers or avertising at their discretion.


You could request any of the 'Energies of Creation' workshops that you and your group may be interested in exploring, such as on the 'Violet Flame', or the 'Mahatma Energy', etc. Or you may request Mr. Citro to craft a special event on a particular topic that is important to your group's mandate. To learn more about the 'Energies of Creation' workshop series, please click on image directly above.


An additional option is to also schedule a day after the event for individual healing appointments, that some in your group may want to receive as part of the visit. 

For Private Home / Office Hosting -

A wonderful option is to host an event right in your own home or office! One of the many benefits to this is that the Energies will be anchored directly into your space. As well, a more relaxed atmosphere can be created as there are no rental constraints. Of course, especially in the case of full day Initiations, the space would have to be available and undisturbed from the concerns of children, partners and especially pets to protect the integrity of the process. When you request your event, please indicate if you would like to host in your home, or in a public space. ALS looks forward to expanding with the work in your neck of the woods!

For SKYPE (Group Webinar Hosting) -

A group webinar via SKYPE, again custom tailored to your needs may be crafted, with all the considerations listed above being met. You may have your group meet collectively at one location, or have everyone connect through the internet via their own private home computers. For this to manifest, each participant must have SKYPE set up, otherwise gathering as a group to one location may prove easier to coordinate. Each person may share a recorded version of the event for their own personal use, but may not sell or charge another group at a later date to receive. Each event will be uniquely channeled for the group present. If you wish to have remote attendees, please make that clear upon requesting a booking.