Altar for a Divine Ray workshop

Testimonials -

"...[from his videos] my first impression of Anthony was one of an open, down to earth, genuine man. The way he described the energies involved in the Ascension Process as being accessible to everyone and our "Divine Birth Right", really blew me away!...I can honestly say that I had not begun to FULLY experience the amazing force of Source Energy, flow through me as I did the first time I listened to the Mahatma Energy meditation. [His] videos have allowed me to 'get out of my head' and into direct contact with Source.


I had a similar experience with the Prema Agni and Prema Dharmadhatu instructional videos. The first time I utilized the symbol on myself, I strongly felt the energy coming in and flowing through me, as did the people I drew the symbol on. The feeling of Divine Unconditional Love and quite frankly, bliss, flowed right through  me.


I became interested in receiving a Rising Star healing, so I contacted Anthony through his website. Within an hour, I had scheduled my first remote (I live in Florida) healing session. I can't really describe in words what these sessions (3 of them) have been like, other than to say that they felt like I was "lovingly tenderized" by Source...Anthony gave me very interesting feedback after the sessions, and was readily available to answer my questions...I highly recommend the videos and the Rising Star healing to anyone wanting to become an active, empowered participant in [one's] spiritual process..."


"Anthony Citro is an extraordinary teacher. He is that rare combination of knowledge without ego. His classes and workshops are incredibly powerful and help you greatly on the next step on your personal spiritual journey. I have had the privilege of taking many workshops with Anthony, but the highlight was my Initiation into the Rising Star. Although I was already a Reiki Master, this healing system is infinitely more powerful. I like to call it "Reiki on steroids". My own spiritual journey grew in leaps and bounds after my Initiation. I am confident that anyone taking one of Anthony's classes will be grateful that they did. He is an insightful, kind and relatable teacher. I could not recommend him any more highly."

"In the five years I’ve known and worked with Anthony I feel like I have
bloomed into a fuller expression of who I really am. I have seen
healing take place in so many areas of my life. The modalities and
tools he imparts as a facilitator have completely empowered me.  His
readings have provided invaluable clarity, guidance and healing and
even more so… the workshops he facilitates are a powerful vortex of
healing energy that have helped me radiate peace and joy in my daily
life and activities. The work we have done together has been an
integral part of my spiritual journey...Anthony is a facilitator of the highest integrity who makes you feel supported and guided by helping you find your own personal truth, ultimately guiding you to cultivate and listen to the teacher within. I am so blessed to have found him on my journey."


"Anthony is an AMAZING healer and teacher. I attended one of his healing workshops seven years ago...and I have been with him ever since! He is deeply and truly connected to all that is Divine and Light. Should you feel even the slightest inkling to try, please do - this work has changed my life. Thanks, Anthony"


"...This was a day filled with profound moments. As a facilitator, Anthony Citro is an energetic master in his own right. With his impeccable, inspired use of music and wholehearted collaboration with the Universe, he provides an environment that is safe to resolve one's deepest issues."


"The Angelic Healing Meditation was heavenly! The whole time and space of the day felt very sacred and uplifting. It is a wonderful gift to be in community with other spiritual seekers. Anthony is loving, generous with his time and energy, and funny! Laughter is a very good thing! He also feels quite egoless, so that I wonder if he realizes how much of the energy of his beloved teacher he already embodies!"


"Anthony is a sensational healer and teacher!  He is a clear channel of light with a heart of gold.  I was led to Anthony by Spirit, which has been a huge blessing.  I have completed numerous healing sessions and initiations with him, such as the Rising Star Initiation, Prema Birthing Healing, Violet Flame Healing, and the Violet Flame Irradiation.  I highly recommend all his services, which have tremendously enhanced my spiritual journey.  I was a Reiki Master prior to working with Anthony, and I can honestly say that these healing modalities go beyond Reiki.  I am now able to hold more light, which has enhanced my healing abilities.  I can sincerely say that working with Anthony has changed my life!"


"I was beyond 7th Heaven after attending Anthony's Angelic workshop. The presence of the Angels, Archangels and Masters took me to a profound place of healing and joy. It was truly a transcendent experience with Anthony guiding, healing and bringing through an intense level of energy. I am aware of tremendous growth and shifts within my being as a result of these workshops. There are no adequate words with which to thank you, Anthony."


"Having been a serious seeker for over 30 years, YOUTUBE was the last place I expected to find anything of substance. How mistaken I was...The Meditation was a particular 'a ha' moment (for me)...stayed with this for two hours constantly and had a major shift. I can't thank you enough!"

DS/South Africa

"Ever since my first Rising Star Healing treatment I have experienced more clarity and peace of mind in every area of my life. Anthony is, truly a talented healer."


"...Anthony's words from his Tarot readings echoed with me for days, gradually clearing into being precisely to the point. Anthony sheds Light on different paths your journey may take, defining characters and situations you may encounter, but always leaving the gates of reality open, reminding you of your own power to create your own reality. His Tarot readings have been incredibly valuable and helpful."


"...Thank you for the most awe-inspiring Saturday afternoon last week!...I was overwhelmed with an abundance of joy and peace throughout the day. I am also amazed that throughout this week, although extremely busy, I was able to concentrate better as well as resolve issues without the usual stress...I definately look forward to the next Meditation!"


"Hi Anthony, thank you so much for such a wonderful workshop yesterday! I'm glad that I finally got to experience your work and grateful for such amazing journeys that we went on. It felt really good to be in the presence of Ascended Masters and the Angels...Thank you for your kindness and love. You reminded me of Derek, like you are his younger brother!"




"...Anthony's constant presence, intuitive counseling, and professional dedication have been a key element in allowing me to move forward and overcome deep emotional blocks...I was able to heal deep karmic traumas within one session: an incredible transformative experience, powerful and profound!..."