Spiritual Mission Coaching

As each individual human being awakens, longing to return to a soul-centered, higher vibrational approach to earthly living, many are called to go forth and to manifest a level of service in the world that they have held dear to their heart, sometimes for many incarnations.


Yet, as each of us experience a rennaissance of consciousness, stimulating a desire to do 'LIGHT WORK' in some fashion, simultaneously we can often find ourselves suddenly wrangling with the darker side of enlightenment. That is, dealing with subconscious, deeply buried karmic memories. Of past incarnations, when, in a position of spiritual power, or leadership and due to living at a lower vibration, we practiced an abusive policy towards those dependent upon us for guidance, or conversely, had suffered greatly at the hands of those whom we placed upon a God-like pedestal!


Whether the High Priest who took advantage of the temple maiden, or the political rival who was murdered for "religious" reasons (often in the name of God), to the charlatan who sought material gain by taking advantage of the vulnerable with smoke and mirrors, these memories resurfacing can delay our venturing forth in service again (in this lifetime), as confusing feelings of shame or guilt may erupt causing depression and procrastination.

'Spiritual Mission Coaching' represents the process of addressing any issues that may arise from energetic blocks up for release in these past areas. Imagine having been repsonsible for the death of many in the distant karmic past, and somehow in the present, rarin' to go and full of love and compassion you now have to deal with fears of repeating that which had caused you (and others) so much pain. And you don't even know why?

Many just stay in a form of mental paralysis, not doing much of anything...feeling adrift and far from the Source of Love they wish to operate from more consciously. Thus is the karmic quagmire of death and rebirth in all its myriad forms.

However, it is in the moments of intense and dynamic inner conflict that we have the greatest opportunity to master our emotions (and the reality we create with our thoughts), once and for all rising above petty concerns and manifesting the life we dream of living.

Part spiritual therapy, part personal training, part life coach planning, these sessions are tailored to you specifically, and are designed to support and encourage your journey from feeling fragmented to embracing the fullness of who you are, and therefore discovering your worth, as a LIGHT WORKER, now, here, in this incarnation and going forward. The way to do this is simple: cease focusing on your pain and confusion, and discover and actualize that dearly held level of service you wish to manifest! It is in the giving away of yourself that you will find yourself! You are not your past, you are not your future, you are YOU!


The stronger your issues are actually may indicate the stronger a 'plan' the Divine has in store for you. As you transform, and radiate more heart light, those clients or loved ones you are meant to serve will be drawn to you like moths to a flame. As you find your way, and begin to "see" results, brought about by right conduct and action in alignment with Divine Will, your confidence will burgeon -- the sky's truly the limit!


Mr. Citro will work with you personally to design a session, (or series of sessions) to bring you to a place of clarity and focus. If you have a strong calling to serve the Divine Plan, once the wheels are in motion, you will advance rapidly on your path! 





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