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The primary relationships in our lives, whether a significant other, a close relative or friend, even a beloved teacher or mentor serve as our biggest mirrors. These personal unions strongly indicate where we invest most of our emotional and physical energy. When one or more of these relationships goes awry, it can be devastating to anyone.


Indeed, a misaligned parental relationship (which many experience) often colors our future intimate connections with others later in life, and can cause someone to unconsciously recreate the fantasy scenario of a "loving parent" with a romantic attachment, projecting onto this person the desire to heal a parental rift. Said "other", more often than not exhibits perceived negative traits of the parental figure - and thus a vicious cycle of repeating the past usually ensues!


After all, a boyfriend or girlfriend cannot be one's parent, it is too much of a burden and mostly leads towards dissolution of the relationship which would otherwise have been fruitful. Thus the syndrome of the "first love" break up. This is because we are placing a tremendous amount of expectant energy in healing the parental void we may feel within the scope of the relationship, whether we are aware of this or not. It sometimes takes the painful lesson of early unrequited love to motivate us past this pattern.


Depending upon the severity of the relationship issue needing to be healed, i.e. sexual / physical-verbal abuse or neglect / abandonment, addressing these problems can present a complicated quagmire requiring psychological therapy and sometimes prescribed medication to balance depression or anxiety.


While it is true, if a problem is long standing or has manifested as 'dis-ease' of some kind, the therapeutic approach can be an important component in healing an issue. ASCENSION LIGHT SOURCE offers a number of other methods, in addition, or as an alternative to, traditional medical or psychological treatment.


Many dream of meeting their Twin Flame, or Soul Mate, hoping for the most powerful experience of romantic love. The reason most twin flames do not incarnate at the same time physically, is that the authenticity and transparency required to sustain that penultimate level of love exchange can brook but little divergence from a continual flow of unconditional love to maintain the connection! Being in a physical body, with it's inherent karmic history attached, often precludes the human being from enjoying a Twin Flame relationship culminating in full enlightenment. But it can happen!


Mr. Citro is of the view that one is far better served working on one's self, in order to prepare and eventually attract the ideal relationship for each client, at the time of their intention to receive and accept another into one's life. Indeed, the clearer one can express the intention to receive a partner [for one's highest good, greatest joy and with the easiest reality possible] to the Universe, the sooner one can actuate that relationship.


If one is already involved in a relationship that is now in need of adjustment to continue and thrive in a more positive manner, the session work may center around releasing judgment - for that is what LOVE is, the absence of judgment. Exploring the karmic impetus to resist the growth within a union, can often bring to the fore deep seated judgments, which are simply emotional blocks due to unresolved fear.


Working energetically, you can cut through any emotional "red tape" and allow yourself to heal whatever stands in the way of creating a love based reality, even if your partner, friend or family member(s) remain stubbornly resistant to change. Bear in mind that a soul mate, even a twin flame can incarnate as a parent, child or close friend. The stronger you feel for and towards someone, usually indicates the depth of your connection, for ill or good.


Most significantly, one can receive a set of 'Rising Star Healings' (a series of three at three weeks apart is recommended), intentioning to cut any negative etheric cords to the relationship in question. Simply request this when scheduling your session. As well, a 'Violet Flame Irradiation' session would work wonders to dissolve the negative karmic threads surrounding your relationship. If your partner or person(s) involved are amenable to participating in your healing, Mr. Citro will fashion an organic session specific to the needs of both, or all parties (this is to be booked as a double session). Please provide any pertinent details and concerns when you contact us - see links below.



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In any event, however one approaches healing for a relationship issue, each person must at some point consider self healing. After all, as has been stated above, every relationship, especially the most important ones in our lives, are our strongest mirrors. If we can strum up the courage to look at a relationship as our own self, objectively identifying unwanted traits in the other as present within ones self, often the situation will rectify itself or the partnership will dissolve amicably, with less trauma and the lessons inherent in the relationship "learned" and integrated into ones life view.


We all must come to the understanding that a true relationship is one in which the partners stop looking at each other, and both turn towards the same direction - the walk towards Source, mutually supporting each other along the way. This is the formulae for a successful union, yes romantic, but for any association as well. Your counseling session will help you (and your partner if available) to discern just where you need to release judgment and expectation which can keep the relationship in a stagnant vibration of blame and shame, rather than the more productive mode of 'deal-and-heal'.


If you can transform this aspect of your personality in dealing with a partner, almost any problem can be significantly diminished or eradicated. The trick is to develop the inner confidence to do so even if the other person(s) in the relationship can't. It could prove to be a tremendous opportunity for growth, and your session will deftly assist you in this regard.


Mr. Citro is happy as well to work within a family dynamic, but this will require a more extensive commitment of session work.  He will assist the parties involved in bolstering their own ability to identify the patterns that are generating an issue, and offer simple, hands-on methods to alleviate any unwanted tensions in dealing with each other. If the situation is inherently difficult or karmic in nature, he will suggest a combination of energetic treatment and counseling.


Please give any pertinent details when scheduling your session, such as the nature of your relationship, the names of those involved and your connection to them, and a brief description of the length of time the problem has been manifesting. He stresses that even a healthy and vital relationship will experience "ups and downs" as you evolve, both individually and in concert with each other. If all involved will learn to flow with the rythym of love as their main focus of communication, any problem can be faced and released - with LOVE!


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