Healing Sessions -

Reiki is synonymous with healing in the mass consciousness, presaging the Rising Star and other newer healing modalities as a gentle, cleansing way to connect with one's life force and the Universal Flow. It's prime directive has always been to relax the body and still the mind, thus affecting a natural and continual stream of Divine Energy through one's system.


Reiki's legacy has a long history of ups and downs. On the one hand, it is largely responsible for expanding awareness of healing on a large scale, as well as preparing many souls in readiness to eventually receive the powerful Ascension Energies now inundating the planet. Conversely, Reiki has undergone a distortion of integrity in some quarters mainly due to wildly divergent exchange rates charged by schools who have splintered off from the original philosophy of Mikao Usui, the healing master who initially brought Reiki into form and function, early in the last century (circa 1922).

In other words, Reiki's main function prior to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 (when the Mahatma Energy and the five Higher Divine Rays became evident), was to light the way and set the tone of modern healing, adjusting as many people as were receptive to come into alignment with their own life force, and so allow for the Ascension Process to move us all forward into Mastery. Now that the Planetary Ascension is unfolding, Reiki is best utilized to heal issues that have already manifested in the body, and to alleviate the pressures associated with the bodily symptoms of the Ascension Process on the human being in a direct and visceral way.


ASCENSION LIGHT SOURCE employs a simple, pristine approach to Reiki, closely aligned with the purity of Master Usui's vision, in restoring balance and strength to the client's entire being.


ALS currently offers two forms of Reiki sessions:




Mr. Citro employs Reiki for his clients if a "dis-ease" has already been generated in the physical. He feels that this is the most effective use of Reiki now and going forward into the New Age. He also believes that each session should address the complete physical body and aura, while spending minimal time targeting an area(s) where the dis-ease has emerged. Once a condition has developed, the Reiki touch can help suspend dis-belief that it can indeed, be healed, the hands on soothing touch relaxing the mechanism of doubt.


Treating a client's entire system during a session allows for the consciousness to release attachment to any specific condition, creating an overall brighter awareness of being well - eventually the dis-ease will dissipate because the client can adapt to a healthier view and feel of their total self, loosing focus on any particular "problem".




This wonderful, invigorating session marries the principle of massage with the healing touch of Reiki. In a traditional body massage, the tissues and skin are gently manipulated, with varying degrees of pressure upon the body to release stress.


In a Reiki Massage Therapy session, the practitioner facilitates the flow of the Reiki Energy stream to guide the release of tension, rather than the tactile and muscular force exerted by a massage therapist. As we come to recognize our multi-dimensionality we will soon embrace the aura itself as the "largest" organ of the body, rather than our skin, which is currently believed to be so.


Any healing modality can now help the client become more aware of (and to access healing in) the aura as directly and as easily as on the skin or muscles of the physical body. A Reiki Massage Therapy Session can greatly assist in this regard. An ideal treatment for those who wish to embrace self acceptance and a deeper sense of self love.



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Attunements -

Receiving one, or all three of the Attunement Levels offered through ASCENSION LIGHT SOURCE can be highly beneficial to the seeker, whether one wishes to practice professionally or not. Everyone has the ability and indeed the Divine Birthright to self healing, and to engender a more balanced perspective for any area of life, which is what a Reiki Attunement will stimulate.


Each of our Attunements comprise a one time, full day workshop, with each participant earning a beautiful certificate of authenticity as well as taking home a complete manual of technical instruction. ALS believes that a simple, comprehensive full day program, along with the Attunement is sufficient for each student to begin a practice.


Indenturing a student to lengthy training and clinics, placing a conditional provision on how or where a student can practice, is out of alignment with Source, in our view. Each student must honor their own process and create their own level of ability. It is not incumbent upon nor honorable for any teacher or organization to dictate when and how someone may practice. It is suggested however that if one wishes to practice professionally at all, that one receive all three levels of Attunement, either with ASCENSION LIGHT SOURCE or another school offering Reiki.

 #REIKI I ATTUNEMENT - Self Healing / Healing Others


It has been said that everyone should receive the Level I Atttunement! Administered appropriately, this powerful application can allow for a brighter aura, the ability to offer gentle healing to all (including ones self) and create a more holistic temperament, and thus easier reality in general.


Here you will attune to the two basic Reiki symbols, and learn how to harness Universal Energy. It is suggested to receive Level II before practicing professionally. However, extensive practice on family, friends and fellow classmates is encouraged upon receiving the Level I Attunement. A working manual and certificate of authenticity issued by ALS are included.


 #REIKI ll ATTTUNEMENT - Advanced / Long Distance Healing 


Here you will receive advanced training, including Long Distance Healing. You will also be attuned to the two advanced Reiki symbols and after this Attunement, be ready to charge professionally for your services as a Reiki healer. Of course, the more one practices leading up to their Reiki ll Attunement, the more fluid and adept you will become at facilitating a session for a client.


ALS holds to the viewpoint that this is solely at your discretion and speaks to your own comfort level as a healer. However, it is suggested that should you wish to establish a full time practice, it behooves you to invest the time and energy and receive Level lll, whether you wish to teach Reiki, or not. As with each level, a certificate of completion and a comprehensive Practitioner's manual are included.

 #REIKI lll ATTUNEMENT - Master / Teacher Training


To receive the Level lll Attunement with ALS, you must be certified with us (or similar appropriate organization) for Levels l and ll. Again, there is no time constraint as to when you may be ready to receive Level lll other than your own heart and discretion. Mr. Citro advises to at least integrate all the concepts of Reiki and perform a number of healings so that you can master an overall experiential sense of the program in general and are now ready to flesh out and maximize your training.


Here you will be Attuned to the two Master symbols, and learn all you need to know to set up a Reiki program for students, offering instruction yourself as a teacher, should you so desire. You will learn intricate and nuanced hand posturing, such as the 'Victorian Positions', which assist a client in releasing trauma around issues of sexual identity and abuse, as well as psychological approaches using Reiki, and targeted techniques to stimulate deeper healing (if the client is ready for such a step). A Teacher's instructional manual and certificate are included.


[For those who wish to continue their Master Training, Mr. Citro is available for individual private training based on specific areas of practice you would like to become more adept at facilitating. These are booked in two hour blocks and can occur ar anytime and for as long, or whenever one desires. A great way to engender confidence in teaching or running a vital practice.]



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