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Article from Japanese Style Magazine 'Hamako' - Dec. 2006

I was part of an article on New York Healers for this popular Japanese Magazine, HAMAKO, written in 2006 when I was working out of CRS (Center For Remembering and Sharing), founded by the wonderful Yasuko Kasaki. The article reads (in English) as follows:


            "...After 9/11, in NY so many people started seeking for more mental fulfillment, and before that time many would go to Palm Readings or Tarot Readings, but after 9/11 a lot of New Yorkers started to go from Psychic Readings to Spiritual Healing, more and more exploring their inner world. Of all these offerings, the Rising Star Healing System has proven especially strong and is now really, in N.Y.! What is Rising Star?


The Rising Star Healer places his hands on the body, and the vibration of the client's aura becomes higher, and in a very natural way misaligned energy is removed. So, it is really effective for mental and physical sickness and dis-ease. It also balances the body and mind so that you are more in tune with your life purpose, and become clear about who you are and what you really want to do, and become more aware in general.


The effect is quite strong and many people have responded already to this healing, including removal of long term grief and anxiety, and even long term illness has been removed or greatly diminished. Sessions are usually once every three weeks for a series of three to maximize the effectiveness of the integration. Long distance is available, here and overseas - anywhere! NY'ers report the Rising Star has the maximum healing power available...and it might just take off in Japan..."

My colleague, Alison James, was kind enough to include me in the acknowledgements section of her wonderful book, 'Merlin and the New Camelot', here shown below. She writes:


"...To my dear friend and colleague, Anthony Citro, I extend my sincere and heartfelt thanks for his spiritual gifts and channeling skills that have supported me on my journey with Merlin. While I speak to Merlin myself directly, I always enjoy hearing Merlin speak through another, which Anthony does so well. I am also thankful for his editorial comments and for facilitating the "Merging with Merlin" workshop that enables an expansive experience of the multi-dimensional and loving presence of Merlin for all..."


To order a copy of 'MERLIN AND THE NEW CAMELOT', please click on the image of Merlin above:

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I was fortunate to co-facilitate, along with the wonderful Light Worker Anrita Melchizedek (picture here), on one of her popular Global Light Transmissions. Entitled 'Bathing in the Cosmic Flames of the Mahatma', this teleseminar was attended by many around the world, and took place on the Lunar Eclipse of the Super Full Moon, on May 25th, 2013.


To order a high quality recording of this Transmission to connect with in meditation anytime you would like, click on image above.

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I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my friend and colleague, Georgia Marantos, on her amazing radio blog show, "THE PSYCHIC TEMPLE" on Sunday, November 24th, 2013. We discussed incorporating the Ascension Energies, and I was able to facilitate an impromptu meditation calling in the Mahatma for all listening.

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I returned once again, this time with Teri Merliss, joining Georgia on her wonderful internet radio show, "THE PSYCHIC TEMPLE", on Sunday, April 6th, 2014. This time to promote the 4th Annual GLOBAL PREMA AGNI DAY. A heart centered hour and a half with the ladies!

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Teri and I returned once again to Georgia's wonderful blog radio show, 'THE PSYCHIC TEMPLE', this time for an insightful hour on the Divine Feminine and It's influence on the world scene. We also discussed Derek O'Neill's Fall US Tour, as well as the 1st INTERNATIONAL PREMA DHARMADHATU DAY, which took place on Sunday, October 12th, 2014.

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My dear friend and colleague's new album. Teri Merliss is an amazing soul with a beautiful voice! Two of her songs were inspired by our long association. Her inclusion of the colors of the Divine Rays in track #2 (Heart of a Painter), due to her attending the Divine Ray workshops. Track 8# (Jacob's Song), written along with Michele Gilbert, was inspired by a photo of my friend's baby and myself embracing.


To order this wonderful CD, please click on the image above:

I was grateful to be included in the postcard to advertise the GPAD DAY 2013! That's me in the upper left hand corner during a PREMA AGNI HEALING CIRCLE.

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Following the 'Prema Agni Healing Circle', to celebrate the Global Prema Agni Day (2013), a wonderful participant, Sharda Chaitanya, wrote of her experience in her blog. You can click on the symbol shown here to read the article.

Pt. I of my interview (with Stephanie Azaria)


My first interview on THE BRIDGE OF TRUTH, (with host Al Leone). Stephanie Azaria and I were interviewed by Al on the 'Cosmological Guideposts for 2012'.


To view the videos, click on the images to the right:

Pt. II of my interview (with Stephanie Azaria)



Pt. II of the interview. To learn more about THE BRIDGE OF TRUTH, an amazing online holistic community whose mission is to bridge the Sciences, Religion and Spirituality, please go to the LINKS section of this website.


My next interview with Al Leone, for broadcast on THE BRIDGE OF TRUTH, filmed at META CENTER NY, entitled 'ON THE ENERGIES OF CREATION'. To view the video, click on image:


Once again on THE BRIDGE OF TRUTH. This live broadcast was entitled 'THE ASCENSION PROCESS AND GLOBAL UNREST'. To view the broadcast, click on image to the right:


An excerpt from the above interview, to highlight THE GIRST PROJECT. Entitled, 'An Explanation of GIRST - Global Initiative For Rising Star Teachers'. To view this video, click on image:

This interview broadcast live on THE BRIDGE OF TRUTH focuses on "putting it all together", that is in terms of how one can utilize the ENERGIES OF CREATION in daily life. Entitled 'ANCHORING ASCENSION ENERGY: KEEP IT SIMPLE SEEKER', this video represents the culmination of our YouTube series. To view the broadcast, click on the image at right:

Entitled  'THE 12:12 STAR GATE - A YEAR LATER', another interview broadcast live on THE BRIDGE OF TRUTH, with host Al Leone. We discuss Mankind's progress since the much feted and anticipated 12:12:12 Star Gate portal, and how we are evolving as a Human Race. Included is a meditation for world peace, facilitated impromptu during the show. To view the broadcast, click on image.

To utilize the meditation separately, click here on the image of the Rising Star. Entitled 'A MEDITATION FOR WORLD PEACE', it comprises an excerpt from the above interview that involves extensive, kaleidoscopic graphics to enhance the viewers experience.

A special event, again on THE BRIDGE OF TRUTH (with Al Leone), entitled 'SACRED SYMBOLS - THE FACE OF THE DIVINE'. This insightful interview explores the history and lineage of sacred symbology, and how the presence of symbols in our lives mirrors our evolution in consciousness.

Another wonderful appearence on THE BRIDGE OF TRUTH, this time with my colleague Teri Merliss. Entitled 'THE DIVINE FEMININE:TRANSFORMING THE WORLD VIEW', an insightful discussion ensued on the awakening new consciousness of cooperation over competition.

Inspired by the show, a beautiful video meditation manifested ('OBSERVING THE VOID - EMBRACING THE DIVINE FEMININE'), a heartfelt collaboration with Teri, Al and myself assisting the viewer in coming into a space of stillness.

My latest appearence on THE BRIDGE OF TRUTH with host Al Leone. Entitled 'CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE AWAKENED STATE', Al and I reflect upon the budding awareness that we are now tasked by Source to take 100% responsibility for creating our reality going forward into the New Age.

An excerpt from the above interview on TBOT. Entitled, 'PRANAHUTI - SACRED SYMBOL FOR THE NEW PARADIGM', this clip focuses on explaining the value and presence of the Premapranahuti, the penultimate sacred symbol for the New Age.


I had the wonderful privelege to have been chosen to participate in this free on-line event, hosted by DYNAMIC HOLISTIC HEALERS, focusing on the practical application of business and the Lightworking community. I had a great time with moderator Beverly Dewan, discussing the role of social media in the Holistic arena. To listen, simply click on link and download.