Prema Pranahuti Healing 

The word Prema Pranahuti is derived from the Sanskrit 'Prema', 'Prana' and 'Ahuti'. Prema means <love> - <Ahuti> is offering - <Prana> translates to (life force). This newest of the Sacred Symbols, (pictured above), the Premapranahuti, introduces Itself to Mankind at this pivotal juncture in our collective history. That of the dawning of the Golden Age of Light. 


Having finally traversed the Ascension proper, and still at the Leading Edge of 5th Dimensional Reality, Source has offered us the Premapranahuti to Light the way, and to mark the ongoing necessity to INTENTION the creation and maintenance of a "better" reality than before. It has come to signify that, indeed, we are all now responsible for creating our own reality, irregardless of the past, and what is currently our "story". The Premapranahuti gives us the impetus and the 'key' to tell a new story, based in love and cooperation, service to one's fellow man, and living in alignment with Divine Will.




Officially, it is entitled 'AUM SRI PREMA PRANAHUTI'.


AUM signifies invoking the Breath of Life, I AM GOD.


SRI signifies an awakening call, I AM ABOUT TO MANIFEST.




When one invokes this New Consciousness, either through mantra repetition, silently or aloud, or even observing and absorbing the symbol, one is in effect stating: I AM GOD. I AM ABOUT TO MANIFEST (THE) DIVINE TRANSMISSION OF LOVE.




[Indeed, one is encouraged to simply meditate (with eyes open), upon the symbol above, intentioning to allow the Premapranahuti to deliver - a Divine Transmission of Love! You can revisit this page as much as you feel drawn to do so, and for any length of time that you are guided to do so. Meditating upon the symbol, you will experience a profound level of peace.]




This below, directly transcribed from Derek O'Neill's Teachings on the arrival of the Premapranahuti onto the Mass Consciousness:


    ...This year during the Ireland Workshop (2014), I had the joy and privelege of welcoming a third symbol to the world - 'Aum Sri Premapranahuti'. This symbol represents a way of living, a conscious reminder that we are God beings. Like any symbol, it represents a reminder to transmit love to all, to serve all, and live in love.


THIS SYMBOL IS PART OF A TRINITY OF SYMBOLS KNOWN AS: Aum Sri Premaagni, Aum Sri Rising Star, Aum Sri Premapranahuti. Three being the number of manifestation, it manifests the three Yagna fires for all who see or wear it. Three also represents in most religions the three sources of Divine Energy, i.e. Father, Son & Holy Spirit, Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva, etc.


The Premaagni represents the awakening of the Sacred Heart, which is part of the physical heart so that unconditional love flows. The Rising Star represents the physical body, in need of guidance and healing from the Divine Source. While the Premapranahuti represents the Divine Breath, which is the Life Source of all Creation.


It comes from Divine Energy from the Source of all to Its Creation (i.e. Humanity) to illuminate the Sacred Heart with the Divine Breath. It is not an initiation but an awakener to that which is freely resting in all beings and so is free to all who are ready to walk the Path of Service to Humanity by reminding them of their Divine Nature.


It is transmitted not from a human form but from the Source of all life itself. it is a gift to Humanity from all that is Love.


The symbol itself is an amazing amalgamation of all that has ever or will ever be created in Divine Accord, initiating the three Yagnas within by awakening the highest truth...


Love,Love,Love Derek




The symbol pictured above is actually the 'seed crystal', or Master Symbol, replete with diamonds and sapphire, which holds the energetic lineage for all of the Premapranahuti pendants. Below, you can click on the image of the "working" symbol that is available to wear, and you will be taken to the official website where you can place an order for one (or more), either in gold or silver plated. Simply looking upon the symbol will awaken or stir something deep within the observer, lending a boost of enlightenment to their process.


You can learn about the other new Sacred Symbols by visiting the preceeding pages on this website, and by viewing the video, linked below. Connecting with the Premapranahuti cements ones commitment to their own personal Ascension Process, assisting the seeker in actualizing their Divine Potential.


What the Pranahuti does essentially is that due to Its effect in our meditation upon It, we really "fall" into our fundamental transcendent nature without any effort on our part. Thus we can recognize that Ascension, is in reality, a Descension, a spiritualization of matter into form. Rather than trying to "escape" life, we can own that we are infinite transcendental beings concretizing, crystallizing and incarnating as a divinely human person! In this way, we directly realize and bring the infinite Divine Reality into our life.


To view a video about the history of the new Sacred Symbols, including the Prema Agni and the Rising Star, please click on image:


To view a short video excerpt about the Premapranahuti, click on picture here. To see the video in it's entirety, please go to the PRESS page of this website.




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