Prema Dharmadhatu Healing

Altar for a Prema Dharmadhatu Circle

A companion symbol to the Prema Agni (see previous page on this website), the Prema Dharmadhatu has manifested on the planet at this time to assist those who are drawn to receive, in accepting the SELF fully, with love and compassion.

In the Sanskrit language, Prema Dharmadhatu translates to 'point or seed of truth', and connecting with it in daily life will invite more balance, peace and knowing of the Divine Feminine Principle into every facet of your existence, and into the mass consciousness at large. This sacred symbol (picture above) remains a powerful instrument of divine healing, allowing the recipient to continually expand their experience of unconditional love, beyond pre-conceived limitations.

Where the Prema Agni opens the heart to love, the Prema Dharmadhatu assists in building the tolerance to accept ever more layers and levels of love energy, in your relationships and in your interactions with others in general. It can simultaneously ground you in feeling safe and comfortable in your own skin and to allow you to open and access higher and finer vibrations of light while remaining centered.


It's purpose is to help you remain in the now of life's flow while recognizing that everything on this dimension is ephemeral and ever changing. Working with the Prema Dharmadhatu can enable you to allow, let go and receive - all at the same time. It can help you to realize the highest conscious awareness, that is: you are in a body, yet not of the body. As the Prema Agni anchors your ascension process, the Prema Dharmadhatu graces you with the opportunity to maximize your divine potential as Mankind heads solidly into the New Age.

As with the Prema Agni, most often this symbol as well, is drawn on a person's back, simultaneously grounding and opening one's consciousness to relax, thus expanding the aura's ability to absorb light - and love. It can also be drawn on your self, as accepting self love is an important component in healing and empowerment, which will mirror in your connection with everyone (and everything) else.


Please click on the link below, to learn how to draw the symbol (there are two ways to do so). You can also click on the other link directly below that, and watch instructional videos on the many wonderful ways in which to utilize the Prema Dharmadhatu in your healing practice or regimen. The more you work with the sacred symbols, the more easily you can navigate your spiritual path, with confidence and joy!




To learn how to draw the Prema Dharmadhatu symbol, please click on symbol:






To view a series of videos on how to utilize the Prema Dharmadhatu in healing, please click on image:

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'THE NEW SACRED SYMBOLS - A BEACON FOR THE GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT'. A short video exploring the origin and purpose of the Prema Dharmadhatu symbol, as well as the Prema Agni and the Rising Star.

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'OBSERVING THE SILENCE - EMBRACING THE DIVINE FEMININE'. A powerful video meditation, channeled to allow a deeper connection to the Divine Feminine and the Prema Dharmadhatu.