Prema Agni Healing

PREMA AGNI, (translated from the Sanskrit) as 'Fire of Divine Love', signifies this most sacred of symbols (shown in picture above). It represents that aspect of Source Energy that keeps us heart centered...and in the NOW!


It is a spiritual "tool" of tremendous value, which can be utilized in a number of ways to affect healing. It is suggested to scroll down below and click on the video series which will give detailed instruction in how to work with the Prema Agni symbol for daily living.

with Teri Merliss in Rochester, N.Y.

The Planetary, and our individual Ascension, is happening not as some altered state of mind, but through the opening of the High Heart Chakra. Humanity has long wallowed in the working out of karma generated by over stimulation of the lower three chakras.


The Prema Agni symbol has manifested to assist Mankind in remaining heart centered, regardless of the many imminent changes swirling about in all areas of life. Connecting with the Prema Agni can allow you access to your 'I Am Presence', buoying you along to maintain a loving space for yourself and for others.


Every generation, from time immemorial, has recorded and honored their relationship with the Divine through some form of symbology. Now, the Prema Agni has emerged to mirror the new human being as living from a space of "heart over head". Even the simplicity of It's form can register as a figurelike representation of a person, replete with arms and legs, a body (triangle) with spinal column and of course the 'head', signified by the universally understood shape denoting the heart.

Altar for Prema Agni Circle

Universal and non-denominational, this powerful, healing symbol opens the heart to the infinite possibilites of love. One can wear the symbol, embellish sacred cloths with it, and even hang the symbol on one's wall or in a sacred space.


Most often, the Prema Agni is drawn on a person's back which comprises a mini-healing in and of itself. As well, one can facilitate the Prema Agni for self healing. [Again, please click on the links below to learn how to work with the Prema Agni.] It is designed by Source to be a free experience for all concerned. No healing circle devoted to promoting awareness of the Prema Agni conducted by Mr. Citro will ever charge an exchange to anyone attending. The Prema Agni is the Divine's gift to everyone, and many people all across the globe are continually discovering this precious resource for self development.

Family of elephants forming a Prema Agni!

Once a year, as an organization, SQ Wellness offers the GLOBAL PREMA AGNI DAY, or GPAD! People everywhere, on the same time and date, gather wherever they may be, to stimulate heart centeredness by promoting awareness of the Prema Agni. Whether manning a table at a mall doing mini-healings with the symbol, or facilitating a Prema Agni Healing Circle, to leading a group on the beach drawing the Prema Agni in the sand or out to sea, a multitude of concentrated effort to expand the purview of the Prema Agni, and ultimately love energy, serves as a way to unite all Light Carriers in anchoring heart light.


You may click on the link directly below and 'like' our FaceBook page for GPAD, where updates will be posted periodically. Working with the Prema Agni daily can go a long way towards healing the chambers of the wounded heart and promulgating the ongoing courage to remain open hearted, thus spiritually protected and aligned with the Divine Unfolding - and your own personal mission.




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To learn more about the Prema Agni symbol and how to draw it, please click on image:

Drawing the Prema Agni symbol on a client




To view a series of videos taken from the filming of a 'Prema Agni Healing Circle' at META CENTER in New York, please click on photo to the left.

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'THE NEW SACRED SYMBOLS - A BEACON FOR THE GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT'. A short video exploring the origin and purpose of the Prema Agni symbol, as well as the Prema Dharmadhatu and the Rising Star.


A short video of Derek O'Neill talking about the benefits of the 'PREMA AGNI'.

Prema Agni symbol forming on floor before workshop!