Mahatma Infusion Therapy

The MAHATMA ENERGY refers to that aspect of Source Energy which can accelerate and maximize one's Ascension Process. It is a Divine Dispensation of inestimable value! It represents the clarion call for the return of the Divine Feminine, and is available to one and all at anytime to invoke and receive, in affirmation or prayer.


In 1987, during the significant astrological period known as the Harmonic Convergence, the Mahatma Energy began anchoring in the Earth Plane and Astral Dimensions and was introduced into the Mass Consciousness (along with the 5 Higher Divine Rays of Creation). The 4th Dimension also began to resonate in Humanity's awareness, erupting from the collective subconscious as a feeling that the veils between the Dimensions were "thinning". We began a serious advance in collective awakening. A first step in the Planetary Ascension which culminated 25 years later, as the Earth came into alignment with the Galactic Center in 2012.


Sometimes, through all of the upheaval and chaos; the radiation poisoning generated around the planet through toxic and nuclear release; unprecedented abuse of human rights; the egregious harm to our oceans and marine life and the deleterious weather pattern and earth changes, it may seem to the casual observer that nothing positive has emerged from the innundation of Ascension Energies flooding our little globe during these years since the Convergence.


Nothing could be further from the truth. We, as a Human Race, along with our beloved Mother Earth (who is also Ascending with us) are merely at the starting gate - the tentative first step forward, here on the precipice of the Golden Age. It remains incumbent on all beings of light to hold, anchor, disseminate and spread Light when and wherever one may, or can. Such is our Divine Contract as the first wave of Wayshowers who have incarnated now, to indeed, show the way.


The most positive manner in which to affect this sacred commitment, is to build the maximum quotient of light within one's self that one can hold. The Mahatma (meaning "Great Soul") Energy indicates the highest and purest light we can assimilate, other than the clear Light of Source Itself. It has never before in planetary history been present upon the earth, or at work within us, such that It's pristine quality is above the threat of distortion by any lower vibration. Strongly and consciously connecting with the Mahatma in daily life will automatically enhance your Ascension Process, bring you into a more loving space and stimulate manifestation of your divine personal mission and service in a myriad of abundant and rewarding ways.

As stated above, one may simply invoke the Mahatma Energy at any time and automatically receive and meditate in It's loving embrace. Directly below is a link for the video ('Embracing the Mahatma Energy'), that we have created to assist you in doing just that, in a deep way. You may listen to the guided meditation at anytime and it will expand your ability to hold the Mahatma's sacred light more readily. 


As well, ASCENSION LIGHT SOURCE offers the powerful modality, 'Mahatma Infusion Therapy', for those ready to invest a complete absorption of the Mahatma Energy into one's four body system (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual), thus enhancing one's ascension process and radically awakening dormant DNA.


This session is wonderfully healing in that it stimulates both unconditional love (for your self and others) and the integration of the Divine Feminine Principle within you, which will prove beneficial to either sex. As we ascend, we must become whole and accept all aspects of ourselves as one with Source.


The Mahatma's reach is far and deep. Consciously aligning with It's grace through the intention to do so, will rejuvenate your physical and emotional bodies to a great degree. This can be very helpful in alleviating many of the bodily symptoms commonly associated with Ascension, i.e. cramps in the lower legs; the swelling of hands and feet; temperature running hot and cold; pain in the base of the neck, etc. Many of these maladies prove temporary and can be misdiagnosed as more serious than they actually are.


A 'Mahatma Infusion Therapy' session(s) will allow the Mahatma to flow freely through the resistant channels in your body, particularly the legs. The ascension symptons will usually dissolve as the body adjusts to the more effulgent influx of Light, leading to overall better health and peace of mind.

For this reason, the modality performs as a therapy, akin to a physical massage yet facilitated etherically and energetically, in the layers of the aura. One can receive as many sessions as one would like, whenever one wishes to do so. The Mahatma Energy will never overload your system, it will simply "massage" your auric structure to expand and receive the Mahatma as thoroughly as possible at point of session.


You may opt to initially have three sessions three weeks apart. In conjunction with this, you may invoke the Mahatma in affirmation everyday, as well as work with the video (linked below). When you are ready for a tuneup, as you would with a physical massage, you may simply schedule another session.


The 'Mahatma Infusion Therapy' session may be received long distance or in person. The client is seated in a straight backed chair upright, so please be sure you can comfortably assume a seated posture for the length of the session. Due to the nature of the 'Mahatma Infusion Therapy' experience, being seated is required for a remote session received at home as well.


Although the Mahatma Energy is available to anyone, at anytime to personally connect with, only a licensed 'Mahatma Infusion Therapy' Practitioner with ASCENSION LIGHT SOURCE may facilitate a 'Mahatma Infusion Therapy' session. If you wish to become a Practitioner of this wonderful modality and provide this service to others, assisting a client in more intimately engaging with the Mahatma safely and effectively, please click on the link given below.




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