Long Distance Healing

As we awaken, and begin to recognize the 'ONE-ness' inheritant in all things, from the cosmic to the sub-microbial, from the human to the mineral, and everything in between, we also begin the process of shedding defensive posturing and the walls of separation that the ego has built up, often entrenched within the personality self, clogging our natural empathy and sympathy for others.


Over time, (and over many lifetimes!) this unnatural hardening can lead to a callousness of the heart. This in turn closes us off to the possibility, of well, possibility itself! Our tendency to accept, to "suspend disbelief" if you will, to surrender to the moment and TRUST the Universal Flow - flowing through all things, and in every moment seems like a fanciful notion. Yet the very act of awakening is predicated on our ability to integrate LIGHT and LOVE in a way we have never allowed consciously before. 

LONG DISTANCE HEALING refers to the experience of receiving a session of healing, physically removed from the healer yet connected just as strongly, the facilitator simply serving as an anchor in this dimension holding space for you while you integrate and process in the privacy of your own sacred space.


Often, when we agree to or seek out such an avenue for our growth and healing, it is because we are still subconsciously harboring issues around exposure, (and surrender!) that we are not quite ready to move past. Due to the Ascension unfolding rapidly and consciousness expanding in general, spiritual "technology" is an option!





It means that now more than ever before in Mankind's history Source is ever presenting us with, well - possibilities, to expand, to open, to connect. It could well be that your own isolation from others has caused a subsequent isolation from the SELF, yourself! The Long Distance Healing approach allows you to regain a sense of trust in the Universe, and your own innate ability to receive. Once you actually lie down in your own room, and feel Source Energy, through the vehicle of the healing session, touch upon you, your illusory sense of separation will diminish. As your natural self healing ability shines through, you will understand that Source is REAL , and is in you - and of you!


Also, there is the convenience factor. If you are drawn to a particular modality or practitioner who is far away, you can still benefit and grow through a distance session. This is basically a new phenomenon. If you are drawn to receive healing in this way, it simply points to where you are at in your evolution - you still need "alone time" to feel more confident before venturing forth into the wide world! Distance healing should be looked upon as a grace, a gift and an option that allows for a non-interruption of your spiritual growth.


If this method of healing feels right for you, please click on image below and request a session or a complementary consultation. Mr. Citro will be happy to assist you in this regard. Currently any healing may be received remotely with the exception of the PREMA BIRTHING which is best facilitated in person. Sometimes, when traveling in your area, a session may be scheduled. In general, there are many Prema Birthing Practitioners across the globe, and you are encouraged to contact one in your city.



Please click on image to book a Long Distance session with Mr. Citro, or to submit a question about remote healing that you may be concerned with:

Remote Attendance For Events

Following on the logic of the LONG DISTANCE HEALING, remote attendance at a spiritual event has become ever more accessible, and a wonderful option if you wish to participate in a specific event but are physically in another location. As with a healing the same principles as above apply.


Here, you can avoid an interruption, perhaps in a series of events you have signed up for, but now find that an emergency or situation has caused you to be someplace else. And while it is beneficial to be physically present at an event and absorb the information given, with remote attendance you have the luxury of complete relaxation in your own space, while still being connected to the group consciousness of the workshop or event that is being anchored for the purpose set forth. Similar to coming home and simply relaxing in your pajamas after a long day's work in a confining suit, you can feel truly free to let go and let in the maximum amount of downloading of Light and encoding of the Energies focused.


Additionally, your Higher Self will filter to you the downloads when it is in your highest good to do so. You may tune in during the exact time of the event, quietly in your room. Or, this can happen during sleep, and dreamtime or at some point there after. Upon registration remotely for a workshop, you will begin to feel yourself being "worked on" in preparation for your optimum moment to have the download 'drop in'!


When present in person at a live event, often the Energies are strongly in your face, so to speak, and there is no room to allow Energy to hit you at a comfortable pace. There is intrinsic value in participation at any spiritual event of Light and integrity that you are drawn to, whether you attend live or register to receive remotely.


And although you may not be as acclimated to having such an experience as remote attendance, once you do, you will find yourself accelerating your awareness and awakening. It also assists greatly in allowing you to get in touch with your feelings, which is your emotional guidance system, thus bolstering confidence, and a heightened capacity to manifest abundantly! In short, it can help in shifting separation consciousness.


To register remotely for an upcoming event, please click on image here. Most workshops can be attended remotely, with the exception of Initiations, which require the physical presence of the Initiate.