Karmic Blueprint Report -


      Who are you really?

      Why are you truly here?

      Where is the 'place' you belong?

      When will you realize your true self?

      What are the means by which you can rise above your circumstances?


A reading or counseling session can provide you with an overall sense of the "bigger picture" of your souls purpose in this incarnation at a particular point in time. A personalized channeling will stimulate a stronger connection to spirit and guidance from Source in manifesting your Divine Service.


Receiving a KARMIC BLUEPRINT REPORT should provide an extraordinary level of clarity as to who you are and how to implement all of the above. It will take you that extra mile, and plumb the depths of the mystery of creation, your creation - YOU! You are not merely your form, yet you are in your physical body for the evolution of your soul's purpose.


When we feel disconnected to Source in this regard, we can often become highly depressed. From a spiritual perspective, all depression stems from not being able to complete, (or even know what is) your personal mission - that which you contracted in spirit to accomplish before you came into this dimension at birth.

Lifetimes of the illusion of separation from Source, in the pursuit of satiating the lower desires, has brought many of us to our spiritual knees, so to speak, and thus to the first steps on the spiritual path. As we become more adept, and assume more responsibility for the reality we create, the ensuing awareness will incite the only desire we shall all meet in the end, the desire to ascend, to return home - to source as SOURCE!


A KARMIC BLUEPRINT REPORT is ideal when one is in the throes of just such a desire state. This session can afford you the lucidity which comes with the transparency of self acceptance. The merging of the mirror and the self - as one and the same. Now as the Planetary Ascension continues to transmute everything we thought was "real", in a relatively short span of time we have all been thrust into the chaotic emotional turmoil and mental confusion necessary to realign with our original intent. We were created to anchor and spread Light as Adam Kadmon sentient human beings.


This session will give you the keys to remain transparent to yourself so that you can live a more authentic life - and in the NOW!

Drawing upon a wealth of esoteric experience and arcane knowledge, Mr. Citro will craft your KARMIC BLUEPRINT REPORT according to your specific needs. It can prove to be the most intensely intimate portrait of yourself and you should consider this session only when you are ready to delve deeper than you have ever gone before, which in itself is simply the next step along your journey. Otherwise, if you are working through an issue or relationship, a reading may be best until the situation can be adequately resolved and you can focus solely on self discovery!


Bear in mind that commensurate with increased knowledge is a heightening of spiritual responsibility. Once you "know" something deeply about yourself and are on the spiritual path, it is near impossible to ignore or bury that facet of your personality. It must heal and integrate into the whole of your being-ness. Yet the rewards for doing so are immeasurable!


Each KARMIC BLUEPRINT REPORT is scheduled in a block of two hours, and can include physical healing to incorporate the downloads you will receive. As well, Mr. Citro will utilize the purest and most essential elements of many established spiritual protocol in rendering your report. From Karmic Astrology, to Astro-Cartography, to Numerology and Spiritual Lexigrammology, every tool in the spiritual arsenal is employed to unearth the hidden treasure that lies within you!


This experience can be received in person, through Skype or as a phone session. Please give at least a week's turnaround to prepare the most accurate and thorough report. When booking a KBR, please include all pertinent information: date, time and location of birth, full name as recorded on your birth certificate, and your personal goal(s) in receiving this report. Also any concerns you may have.


If you do not know your time of birth (and therefore your Ascendant cannot be calculated) this usually denotes that Source is indicating that you focus less on the face you present to others in this lifetime and more on your inner world. Your KBR will still accurately reflect your purpose in this incarnation and support you in maximizing your divine potential!



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