'I AM PRESENCE' Alignment

One's I AM PRESENCE represents that point of Consciousness within each of us that is awakening to the realization of our innate 'God Self'. It is a vital and important piece of the puzzle on our journey of Ascension. Intentioning to align with one's I AM PRESENCE will offer the individual a tremendous panoply of benefits on all levels (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual).


Most people on the spiritual path soon become aquainted with the maxim 'we are in a body, but not of the body'. Yet, our physical body is the sacred temple which houses our consciousness, and allows connection with our soul in this dimension. Our ascension process consists of working to shed the layers of density we have accrued at both the cellular and spiritual levels over many lifetimes, transforming lower vibrations into higher light (unconditional love).


Our "consciousness" is, in effect, what we commonly term our 'I AM PRESENCE', in that we are all ONE, all part of SOURCE. The I AM PRESENCE indicates that direct connection to Source that we have been graced with by Source, to always know ourselves as SOURCE. We have buried this awareness for long eons, and now in the short time that the Planetary Ascension has compelled us to awaken, we are experiencing a radical revision of everything - our behavior, our beliefs, our thoughts and feelings, and our motivations and intentions.


This conscious awareness has an actual physical portal in our body. It is focused directly in the center of the chest behind the collarbone, and behind where the Thymus Gland is located. This is the area also known as the High Heart Chakra, one of the Transpersonal Chakras that are emerging as we evolve. It will prove to be one of the most important aspects of our new multi-dimensional self. The more we connect with the High Heart Chakra, the stronger our I AM PRESENCE will resonate for us, and others. We will live from this perspective and become a brighter light to all. We can thus experience God Realization directly - in the moment, and in the NOW! 


The Thymus Gland has over time evolved to begin a state of atrophy in our bodies after about twenty one years of age. From a spiritual stance, this is because for so long we have existed in the "Dark Ages", and in periods of density within the mass consciousness. We have in effect hidden our Light, as the ego pursued the satiation of lower vibrational sensation, incarnation after incarnation. And so, the body reflected this, as it does with all of the components of our personality self. As above, so below.


And so, as with our pineal gland (behind the 3rd Eye Chakra), the Thymus Gland will now revivify as we progress along Ascension and hold more Light. This can initally cause some discomfort and emotional confusion as the Heart Center adjusts to our new reality. We are learning to be able to give and receive love more easily after all.

There are many ways in which one can go about connecting safely and effectively in stimulating the awakening of one's I AM PRESENCE. To that end, we have created a meditation video (linked below) whereby you may, in meditation, connect with this important element of your spiritual makeup, and begin or maintain this awareness as your ascension process unfolds.


You may as well, through simple intention to do so, in prayer or affirmation, connect with your I AM PRESENCE whenever you desire. This is especially effective by placing your hands upon your heart when doing so.


Should you choose to receive an 'I AM PRESENCE Alignment' session, you may do so at any time. It is suggested to perhaps, explore the possibility of first receiving one of the 'Energies of Creation' sessions, most probably a 'Violet Flame Irradiation' session, in order to maximize the clearing of old karma; or a 'Mahatma Infusion Therapy' session to stimulate your ascension process sufficiently.


This will assist you in allowing a more thorough opening of the High Heart Chakra and reactivation of the Thymus Gland. You may even opt for a 'Divine Ray Encodement' session of the 8th Divine Ray (Green-Violet), in order to purify the lower bodies to adjust to the surely significant shift in awareness you will invite by receiving an 'I AM PRESENCE Alignment' session. Mr. Citro will be happy to assist you in choosing the best option when scheduling an appointment.


All of our Source Energy sessions are organic, and may include guided visualization as well as hands-on touch. They can serve as valuable "tune ups" along the way as each new level of consciousness or awareness shifts you into a higher reality. Think of a race car, having to take a pitstop to refuel before once again, driving around the track! So too, a direct, conscious, intentioned infusion of Divine Source Energy with the help of a facilitator can do a world of good for your body, mind and soul.


You can build a higher tolerance within to hold energy and then naturally, on your own invoke any aspect of Source Energy when desired, or as the Divine prompts you to do so. We must remember that we are Source Energy! We are simply remembering WHO WE ARE when we commit to connecting with Source consciously. That is, in a nutshell, the whole game! Depending upon your state of mind and readiness, you can do this either on your own, or in session as with any other healing modality.


Although you can at any time, in meditation or prayer, invoke your I AM PRESENCE to awaken the High Heart (and we encourage you to do so), only a licensed practitioner with ASCENSION LIGHT SOURCE may facilitate an 'I AM PRESENCE Alignment' session for you. If you would like to become a Practitioner yourself, and offer this leading edge modality to others, please click on link provided below for more information.



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