Divine Ray Encodement

There are 12 Divine Rays of Creation currently operating in our physical universe. They represent the streams of Source Consciousness from which everything - and everyone, including you were created. Pure Undifferentiated Source (God / Goddess / All-That-Is, if you like) at It's core simply exists. It just is.


We live and breathe at the physical dimension of the Grand Creation, and can perceive the scope of Source mostly in "pieces", which is what the various Divine Rays demonstrate. A full on recognition of Pure Source Light, 24 / 7, would almost be too much to bear at this point in time for most people. The goal of Ascension is to be able to eventually hold just such a level of effulgence and thus integrate our Divine Self. This is what is meant by creating "Heaven on Earth"! As we evolve and can see more, feel more and be more of Source, we thus return to a full conscious awareness of ourselves as Source!


Working consciously with the energies of the Divine Rays of Creation can greatly enhance this process, helping us to accept our multi-dimensionality and to perceive and hold ever more powerful levels of Light comfortably. In fact this is what we were designed to do. This is the Ascension Process in real time. In any event, we experience this to a lesser or greater degree naturally.


However, now that the Planetary Ascension is under way, and the Higher Rays are anchoring in our Dimension, we now, as never before have the opportunity (as we awaken) to consciously work with and absorb the energies of the Divine Rays through the intention to do so, in order to stimulate our ascension process and bring us to the fulfillment of our Divine Potential.


Truly, connecting with the Divine Rays of Creation can translate as accepting responsibility for creating your reality, 100%, because everything stems from the Divine Rays of Creation as we perceive Them, including ourselves and our ability to manifest. When we allow more space within to access these amazing "pieces" of God's Love and Light (and Substance), we can from this space create a more powerful reality, aligned with Divine Will. There can be nothing more magical, and wondrous for a Light Worker to acheive!


Compiled directly below is a listing of the 12 Divine Rays, along with their associated color and main purpose in the unfolding of the Divine Plan. From this list, you can ascertain which Divine Ray energy you may want to connect with, or wish to accentuate within yourself. For instance, if you feel lacking in motivation and courage, and often do not wear red, you may want to consider working with the 1st Divine Ray (Red), bolstering this Ray's energy within you. From the description below, you can distinguish which particular Ray's energy would benefit you at this time to align with.


When physical light is shone through a crystal, the light refracts and spreads in the spectrum of colors we know so well and closely associate with in all aspects of our lives. The rainbow colors of this physical spectrum of light that we see all around us everywhere mirror the Divine Light of Spirit, expressed in the particular colors of each of the Divine Rays. As above, so below. Therefore, color is very important in our development. Each Divine Ray vibrates to a particular frequency and color. All things created in the physical plane can be linked as stemming from a specific Ray, according to the color of that object.



1st Ray (RED) - The Focus of Forward Momentum / Courage, Motivation.

2nd Ray (BLUE) - The Focus of Recognizing Divine Presence / Love, Peace.

3rd Ray (YELLOW) - The Focus of Radiant Clarity / Wisdom, Health.

4th Ray (GREEN) - The Focus of Sacred Harmony Within the Context of the Whole / Balance, Art.

5th Ray (ORANGE) - The Focus of Absolute Alignment in All Things / Truth, Knowledge.

6th Ray (INDIGO) - The Focus of Anchoring the Infinite / Psychic Ability, Connection to the Divine.

7th Ray (VIOLET) - The Focus of Embracing Universal Impulse / Manifestation, Abundance.

8th Ray (GREEN-VIOLET) - The Focus of Dynamic Renewal / Soul Cleansing, Purification.

9th Ray (BLUE-GREEN) - The Focus of Ecstatic Realization / Joy, Preparing for Ascension.

10th Ray (PEARLESCENT GRAY) - The Focus of Accepting the New Paradigm / Donning the Light Body, Merging with the Higher Self.

11th Ray (PINK-ORANGE) - The Focus of Sustaining Higher Consciousness / Clearing the Subconscious, Transitioning to Ascension.

12th Ray (CRYSTALLINE GOLD) - Living the New Age / Unconditional Love.


We recognize that this approach to healing and embracing one's spirituality is leading edge, and sometimes wieldy to grasp for those new to the Spiritual Path. For that reason, we have created a series of video meditations for each of the Divine Rays, which is linked directly below. They are complementary and we suggest that you work with all or some of the videos before deciding which Ray's energy you would like to receive in concentrated application, during a 'Divine Ray Encodement' healing session.


As well, you are free (and encouraged) to call upon and invoke any of the Divine Rays as part of your daily affirmation or ritual. The 'Energies of Creation' are always available to one and all. When we invoke Them, our aura brightens with Their radiance and Their Energy enhances our ascension process! We can develop and evolve more rapidly, becoming more fully our true self and hold light for others. We also anchor more Divine Energy on the physical plane.


When you feel ready to accentuate your ascension process in a vital and effective way, you may consider scheduling a 'Divine Ray Encodement' session. Upon booking, Mr. Citro will consult with you as to the infusion of which Divine Ray's energy will best serve you. Never before in Humanity's history have we had the opportunity to consciously access in such a profound manner, the very Divine Substance from which we all were created.


In comparison, we often lay on a beach to take in the "ray's" of our physical sun, which if done appropriately, stimulates the production of vitamin D in our system, and leads to an overall stimulation for a healthful outlook and an all around general well being.


When you intention to receive a 'Divine Ray Encodement' healing session, you can "take in" a strong focus of that particular aspect of Source Energy, and therefore enhance that energy already dormant within you, which is seeking conscious integration. Thus your ascension process is accelerated, and your life is miraculously transformed for the better!


Although the Divine Rays of Creation are available for everyone to invoke daily, (and we encourage you to do so), only a licensed practitioner with ASCENSION LIGHT SOURCE can facilitate a 'Divine Ray Encodement' session. If you wish to become a Practitioner of this cutting edge and important modality, please click on the link given below for more information.



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