Creating Sacred Space / Space Clearing

Sacred Space -

Significant to the Ascension Process is the awareness that indeed we are now, from this point forward, not only "co-creators" of our future. In actuality, we are 100% directly responsible for creating our reality, moment by moment. Indicative of this is the further recognition that everything in life is a mirror of our inner state of being.


So, it is no wonder that in varying degrees we all need to nest, or retreat into our special space to regroup, to meditate, and to rest. This physical space could be as small as a large closet that we cordon off as our "territory", a garden outside, an attic space, or even a whole apartment that we wish to live in alone.


We can often treat such a space as a temple, or conversely when feeling depressed, allow a space to fall into disarray, mirroring our condition at the time. Thus the phenomenon known as 'Hoarding', usually created by an individual suffering from extreme depression (or psychosis). It is true that our personal "space" will reflect our mood most noticeably, as we spend a significant amount of our time in it.

ALS utilizes many different methods to assist the individual in creating a sacred space for themselves, and even for a group. Foremost, Mr. Citro periodically offers classes in 'Creating Sacred Space' and 'Creating Your Altar Space'. During these informative and enlightening workshops, the student is given the tools to not only fashion a space that they are comfortable with, but the formulae to advance awareness of how one may be indeed creating that physical structure, where much of their enlightenment and evolution is attained!


As well, he can do this through private instruction. One can opt for specifically creating a smaller altar or meditative space, which for many is the most realistic, especially for those who live in big cities or within a large family. As well, he is happy to work with an organization to the same effect.


Rather than employ traditional methods such as Feng Shui, he will help the client from the client's psychological imput and point of view, so that the space reflects the highest vibration for that individual or group. Mr. Citro feels that this is the ideal approach now that the Planetary Ascension is unfolding. Nothing will ever be the same, and the only thing that we can now always expect is that change will occur, in all areas of our lives.


We are just on the forefront of the New Age, and it is imperative that our personal space flow with this reality rather than defend against any intrusion on an established pattern based on parental or cultural conditioning as regards our "home". Similar to the retail technique of merchandising, it is  even sometimes advisable to change furniture, or curtains, etc. to reflect one's own evolution rather than keep the same items in the same exact area of a space for many years!


Of course there is much more to creating a sacred space, and this type of service is usually booked in two to three hour blocks, with possible follow up sessions, dependent upon the size of the space to be transformed, and the client's relationship to it. A consultation may be required before the session can occur, which is complementary.


[Mr. Citro is also available to consult with you, your interior decorator and even your architect, in the design of your home, office or sacred space. If we are in the process of actually building a space that we will focus our time and energy in, it behooves the aware individual to consider the spiritual application of such a structure to mirror the highest reality possible that we can experience. If you would like to retain him to assist you in the building phase of any personal space, simply request a consultation giving any particulars, by clicking the link directly below.]



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Healing for your Space -

Prior to, or in conjunction with a session(s) for Creating Sacred Space, a client may wish to schedule a Space Clearing. Following on the premise that our personal physical space mirrors our state of being, sometimes working from the outside in can help the individual restore clarity, and deepen awareness of where we place our attention most.


If we are stuck in a repetitive pattern of thought or behavior that is misaligned or not for our highest good, we can often collect a denser energy flow which can stagnate and pool in our immediate environment, because we are generating a continual personality self that feeds it. We have all heard the maxim that a thought is a thing; that our thoughts create our reality, and that a belief is simply a thought that is continually repeated.


Mr. Citro believes that simply burning incense or lighting a candle, while quite effective in alliance with deep healing, in and of itself can act as a "bandage on a bullet wound" unless the deeper issues are addressed. Further, many of those who feel that their space is 'cursed' or 'haunted' can simply be deflecting from internal issues which are intensely now "in their face". While it is true, as with our own selves that when a misaligned condition goes untreated, a manifestation will often make an appearence, it rarely stems from a curse or apparition.

There are cases where a person has been murdered or has committed suicide in a space, and that space carries a certain density, but this can often be perceived as a dark influence, when in fact the projection of fear on the space itself creates that very perception! It takes an enormous effort for anyone to continually give energy to stabilizing a malicious entity in a specific space, and usually once the space has been uplifted with positive Light Energy, and the person who is aligned with the space has received healing, the manifestation will dissipate.


All of our spaces have spiritual "visitors" which we may see as 'orbs', or actual 'fascimiles' of a person known or unknown, in other words, ghosts! Yet, in clearing a space it is important to focus only on the positive, lovingly sending any spiritual entity or dense energy stream present into the Light, and intention only positive energy from that point on to enter one's space. As well, historical reference to spirits and ghosts in our lives, and particularly our spaces, often can be very influential in our consciousness until we truly accept that we ourselves create any reality, and that we are free to change a reality (for the better) at any time.


Among the many approaches that you can opt for, clearing by way of Initiating your space (or room) into the Rising Star is ideal. The Violet Flame is also especially effective in establishing Divine Light continually into a space. As well, anchoring a focus for the Mahatma Energy to accelerate the Ascension Process in your space will go a long way towards healing any misalignment.


Each situation and client has a unique experience in, and relationship to their space. Mr. Citro will work with you to affect the Highest Light into your intimate environment, so that your space reflects the ideal physical 'Ascension Chamber' for you and your loved ones, allowing all to flourish and evolve with more peace and joy.



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