Conscious Facilitating


Are you ready to actually manifest instead of working towards being READY to manifest?


Are you willing to surrender to Divine Intervention guiding your creation(s), rather than YOU trying to control the outcome?


Are you open to being CONSCIOUSLY aware of your consciousness operating to create your reality?


'CONSCIOUS FACILITATING' reflects the process each individual must go through (upon asking the Universe for assistance), in enhancing one's ability to "step up", whether that entail accepting a deeper level of self love, or the successful implementation of a holistic (or any) business / service.


A lot of us dream of living and working from a stronger level of service, to humanity and community. Those of us on the spiritual path soon learn that pursuant to the Law of Attraction, that which we focus on we attract / create. We are also, soon made aware that to progress and evolve, we must embrace the spirit of cooperation over the old paradigm of "kill the competition". And yet, we have to pay the bills!


Today's tv screens are rife, and have been for many years now, with a seemingly endless plethora of structured "competition reality shows". Each contestant swears up and down that they will win, yet in the end the judges ultimately, and in many cases subjectively, pick a winner. The remainder of the opponents are discarded, dejected, left crestfallen. Some are occasionally asked to return and repeat the same process, only to once again fail, confident that they were "here to win" this time, with plans to use the winnings for a family vacation, or to fund a cherished project.


The prize is usually grand for the winner, with nothing for second place, this to stimulate a more intense participation, fighting to the finish for the spoils. And, of course, drama will ensue! We are steeped, still, in a culture of 'me first', and then maybe, 'you second'.


Of course the temptation to, indeed, win, and catapult one's singing voice, fashion business or culinary expertise in a short amount of time with great reward is and can be tempting to anyone. Many of these folks go on to have a significant career in their respective fields, (or on tv). And then...there is everyone else!

Many posture in life, to become that 1% who "make it big". Yet, the problem with the 1% is that there is also a 99 (%) percentile, a vast amount of "others" who can (and should) offer their services, make a valuable contribution to society, and thrive living a quality life of their choosing. CONSCIOUS FACILITATING is the process that allows everyone to manifest success and abundance. It operates on the fulcrum of cooperation, service to Man, and alignment with Source, which loves everyone equally.


Through the application of spiritual teachings, energetic healing, holistic counseling and the embrace of Law of Attraction principles (even dream analysis), your CONSCIOUS FACILITATING session(s) will help you create your highest reality - but with Divine Intervention at the forefront of your thought process. Rather than reaching for inspiration and guidance, CONSCIOUS FACILITATING trains you to recognize intuitively your "best path", and next "right move", often assisting you in bypassing years of resistance, 'wobbling', wavering and procrastinating!


Acting as a sort of spiritual "personal trainer", Mr. Citro will work with each client to craft an individual session / program suited to their needs. CONSCIOUS FACILITATING starts from where you are at, in the now, and moves you forward! Reflection upon the past (patterns, relationships, experience) are only dealt with in the context of how to help you thrive in the present, irregardless of what your "old story" is.


CONSCIOUS FACILITATING is a prime component in assisting you in the creation of a 'new story', a new point of attraction and a continual feel good point of view, genuinely and authentically. You can experience in real time, the grace of standing fully in your own power and become comfortable with this state of being on an ongoing basis, forever transforming your life for the better.

You may opt for a single (or double) one-time session, where Mr. Citro will consult with you on how to consolidate your potential and assets, pointing you in the right direction toward your goals, offering you many tools with which to maintain pure Source connection and alignment, first and foremost.


This option is also beneficial when, after having worked with CONSCIOUS FACILITATING for a while, you may wish to fine tune or boost your process after you begin to manifest. Doing so can greatly diminish any fears you may have of retreating into past victim / failure patterns, motivating you onward to further success!


Consequently, you may desire to work with Mr. Citro in fashioning a 1 to 3 month intensive weekly / bi-weekly program, allowing for profound shifts and transformation, leaving little room for resistance to crop up. This "training" is permanent and not for the feint of heart! Every aspect of your psyche and habit patterning will come up for review, and a conscious revision of all that no longer serves you will be lovingly placed - in your face!


CONSCIOUS FACILITATING puts you firmly in the 'driver's seat' of your life, enabling you, in many instances for the first time, to "see" with the eyes of Source - how amazing, wonderful, powerful and loving and loveable YOU REALLY ARE! Most of us are conditioned to avoid, deny or downplay this ability within ourselves, yet it is the winning ticket to real liberation, and true freedom!


To begin your journey of CONSCIOUS FACILITATING, and deliberately intend a life of responsible creation, filled with joy and purpose, please contact Mr. Citro for a complementary initial consultation - and get started!


Drawing from his years of assisting others on the spiritual path, and his wealth of experience, together he will co-create with you a forward moving agenda, a laundry list of proactive "exercises", and help you to sustain your highest vibrational consciousness, no matter what your current "situation".



# Creating a 'new story'

# Personalized guided meditations

# Goal setting with Divine Intervention

# Energy work targeting specific areas

# Training in self healing to maintain progress

# Counseling in sustaining a joyous POV






"...Anthony's constant presence, intuitive counseling, and professional dedication have been a key element in allowing me to move forward and overcome deep emotional blocks...I was able to heal deep karmic traumas within one session: an incredible transformative experience, powerful and profound!..."  (KG/NY)



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