Commitment Ceremonies

Celebrating the impending union of two souls, in the presence of family and friends, remains a time honored tradition that a majority of people around the world participate in. Some events are quick affairs with few in attendance and many turn into large events, with every detail rendered to perfection.


At core, what a wedding or commitment ceremony emulates, and seeks to "recreate" is that re-union with Source which we all yearn for deep within! Every relationship is ultimately a relationship with God / Goddess / All-that-Is and when we enter into a sacred contract with a 'beloved', we desire to share the journey (and experience the bliss) of that reunion with Source through our human partnership! We are no longer alone in the great wide world, and can feel the love of the Divine encapsulated in the mirror of the chosen beloved who will comfort and support us through the trials and rewards of earthly life.

ASCENSION LIGHT SOURCE offers personalized, custom ceremonies for your special day, focusing on invoking Divine White Light and soulful communion. Mr. Citro will work with you, and any wedding planner you may hire to craft the ideal service to honor this important and often defining moment.

ALS is distinctly a spiritually based, non-denominational / non-religious organization. We do however, respect anyone's sacred practice and worship, and will embrace and comply with a client's religious beliefs in creating your ceremony.


If you follow the faith of one of the major religions, yet wish for a more secular event, we can incorporate whichever facet, ritual or tradition you would like to include. Mr. Citro will fashion the highest vibrational service for the union at hand, with your personal and specific imput as to theme, music, length of service, etc.


We are also 100% inclusive, and therefore a friend of the LGBT and Polyamory Communities. We have a zero discrimination policy and extend our assistance to everyone who is ready to enter into a mutually defined union - based in LOVE!



To consult with Mr. Citro to facilitate your wedding or commitment ceremony, please click on image and let us know of your plans:


Special Occasion Events

There are many times in our lives that we wish to commemorate as special or as having a value beyond the mere celebratory. Even a milestone birthday party can be "occasion" to include some form of spiritual application within the scope of the event, so as to heighten the vibration of everyone present and to create a more memorable sacred space. A time to forego the usual defenses and boundaries we artificially create with others and commune in brotherhood, igniting a feeling of unity and oneness.


It has been the habit of Mankind throughout recorded history to mark certain points in time with devotion and divine awareness. We have come a long way towards Ascension, and are now more inclined to accept that we can, and should allow each and every moment to resonate with the flow of Divine Grace. Such is the goal of Ascension, to truly create Heaven on Earth, moment by moment!


ASCENSION LIGHT SOURCE will enhance your special event in just such a manner. Custom tailored to meet your needs and beliefs, and focused in anchoring Divine Light into the proceedings, our programs will stimulate in all gathered a conscious understanding and experience of the Divine Presence, in everything and everyone.

From anniversaries, birthdays and christenings, to inaugural events for your business, even a house warming get together - any situation that you wish to elevate with a spiritual component, Mr. Citro will gladly craft the perfect service for you and your guests. Expect an empowering and transformational experience filled with radiant clarity and joy!  


To retain Mr. Citro to facilitate a custom crafted service for your special event, please click on image and let us know your plans:

Memorial Services

For the Human Being -

Our lives are filled to the brim with many ups and downs, and as we travel along the spiritual path one of the hardest lessons the adept (or anyone for that matter face), is the loss of a loved one. We come to understand eventually that death is an illusion, simply another step that all human beings must experience.


It is an integral part of our earthly experience to drop the clothing of our current physical body, and then spend time in spirit only to return once again in another form, with new clothing - a new body, to continue on our journey until such time as we "step off of the Wheel of Life" and fully merge with Source for good! Thus, death remains the ultimate mystery.

Celebrating and honoring this important transition that all of us must come to terms with can offer comfort and a sense of connection with the Divine, that we are not alone - and that our loved one is still with us, yes in Spirit, but always near. Participating in an event to remember someone we love who has passed on can assure us that they indeed do live on, in memory and in our hearts. We can freely connect with them at any time.


ALS will create a memorial service for you that will truly capture the spirit of your dearly departed and allow all gathered to deeply connect at the soul level, diminishing greatly any feeling of separation, and resolving any issues of closure that may need to be addressed.


To plan a memorial service for your loved one, please click on image and let us know how we can be of assistance:

For a Beloved Animal -

For many of us, our domesticated animals are as dear to us as our human connections, and sometimes more prominent in our hearts. As with a human interaction, a strong feeling of love for an animal that one cares for in the home, usually connotes a strong karmic interplay. You both may have had a relationship as human beings together in a prior lifetime. The roles may even have been reversed!


Our stream of incarnations on the physical plane is a divine mystery and not, as some profess a stepping stone of evolution, from crystal to animal and then to a human lifetime. This is why we feel so strongly for some of our pets. We have loved them before - and probably will again.


Animals come to us when we are ready to progress to a new level somehow in our consciousness, and anchor and hold a space of light and unconditional love for us, with no expectations or agenda, as we learn the lessons inherent in a particular phase of our life. They leave us when we have grounded the energy of the lessons at hand.

This is all part of the Divine Plan, and why our animal friends usually have a shorter lifespan and time with us than our human companions - although that is not always the case. A relationship with an animal can offer the sacred opportunity to learn the lesson of unconditional love, and prove that in life and love, it really is quality over quantity that is important.


ASCENSION LIGHT SOURCE honors the beautiful relationship you share with your beloved animal friend and will work with you to fashion a loving and celebratory service for your pet, just as one would for a human loved one. Source does not recognize a difference. Love is love, and is not predicated on form, or any physical consideration for that matter. All God's creatures are deserving of the same level of love. A memorial service for your pet will greatly assist both of you in clearing any karmic threads needing to be healed, so that your next incarnation together will be even more joyous and fruitful.


To plan a memorial service for your beloved animal friend, please click on image and let us know how we can be of assistance: