Ideally, receiving a transmission or message from an Ascended Being, (through a physical channel) should mirror back to you, and stimulate within you - the qualities of that Being! Often, when reading in printed form or hearing (during the course of a session) the word of an Ascended Master or Angelic Entity, one's consciousness can immediately expand to adopt the advice given. That is because we feel a resonant connection with a particular Beings guidance, and Presence.


As Mankind evolves, and the veils between the Dimensions continue to thin, increased sensitivity to prompting from Spirit can inform our lives more readily...and feel natural - because it is! Mr. Citro has been channeling the Spiritual Heirarchy for many years, both in written transmission and during in-person sessions. He also conducts regular group channelings, highlighting a Master that wishes to address the group. In addition, he offers training to assist those interested to channel for themselves. As well, he regularly facilitates his long standing workshop 'CONNECTING TO THE MASTERS', where the group present instantly and viscerally learn how to access connection with those Ascended Beings that they feel drawn towards.

Whether Isis, Archangel Mikael, St. Germain or any of the pantheon of recognized Avatar, he can bring through for you your own personal message of Hope and Light, with specific directives for moving forward on your path with the highest reality imaginable! The truth is, all in Spirit, especially highly recognized "personalities", are omniscient and available at all times, if we would only tune in and allow contact. Similar to real life, we must go through our trials and lessons and experiences, and once in a while we may seek the wisdom of a teacher or counselor to help along the way.


A channeling can serve you at just such a juncture in your experience. You can hear from a Divine "social worker", and usually, the energy accompanying the message is as potent as the word. It will move you because it stems from a Source of Unconditional Love, focused in on what you may need at any given time.

If you would like to receive a Channeled Light Transmission, please click the link below and let us know if you are guided to hear from a specific being. Or you may be open to whichever Being would like to speak to you! The channeling can hone in on an area of your life that is important to you, or simply convey a general picture of how you may advance on your path more fruitfully. Please allow a week turnaround when booking a Channeling, if in written form. You may also opt for a Skype session, or if in the New York City area, an in-person session.



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