Ascension Alignment / Life Path Readings

Drawing from his many years of experience both in reading and teaching the Tarot, Mr. Citro now offers a more expansive, holistic reading geared towards nurturing the client in navigating the spiritual path with the easiest possible reality.


The old paradigm of reading through the process of divination often can ennervate the very fears that the person is seeking to avoid dealing with, largely due to the consciousness of the reading, which could present itself as a doom and gloom, yes / no or right / wrong scenario, giving absolutes which the client will then be tempted to attach to. This can mislead the individual in expecting something to "happen" (if a good outcome during the reading) or causing the client to work hard towards averting a predicted result, should the prognosis be not so pleasant a possibility!


And therein lies the rub...


Any accurate, true reading still remains, when all is said and done, a pattern of possibility, however strongly it may resonate or seems poised to prophesize how a situation will unfold, or a relationship will (or will not) blossom!


With the advent of the Planetary Ascension, Source is ever lovingly "nudging" all of us to stand in our own power, and to step up the game of mastery. A real reading should mirror this process, supporting the client in filling in any gaps with encouragement and constructive adjustment where needed. Simple divination in and of itself may almost prove to be irrelevant at this point. Change and radical transformation are the rule of the day, as we transition out of the Kali Yuga and into the Golden Age of Light.


When you receive a Life Path / Ascension Alignment Reading through ASCENSION LIGHT SOURCE, you can expect to adopt a focus of radiant clarity as pertains your personal mission (and divine purpose), allowing for a more confident approach to the future you will create. For that is the major lesson we will all have to come to terms with - that we surely do create our own reality and that to evolve we must take full responsiblity for such. A qualified reading will assist the readee in doing just that by shedding light on the way forward, examining the steps needed to create the highest reality!




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