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Posted May 15th, 2012 on the facebook page for the GLOBAL PREMA AGNI DAY - about GPAD DAY 2012:



During our Prema Agni Healing Circle on Friday, April 27th at META CENTER NY (to kick off the Global Prema Agni Celebration of 2012) I received a lesson in having to maintain ‘grace-in-action’. As this was to be the first event I have facilitated that was going to be filmed “live remote”, I admit to a bit of trepidation and anxiety surrounding its success. Indeed, functioning as steward of this event would represent a whole new level of service and in representing SQ as well. Anyone, anywhere around the globe would be able to tune in on their personal computer and participate.

As someone whom has offered many spiritual workshops over the years, I became immediately aware of what hosting live events would mean in future for remote attendance by those drawn to receive any event of Light, anywhere – a more visceral connection to and stimulation of a Unity Consciousness that will allow an ever increasing amount of Light to anchor and hold here on the Earth Plane, thus enabling the Ascension to unfold to Its completion…and beyond. In other words, I felt the gravity of a certain spiritual responsibility inherent in “taking things to the next level”. In this, as the soul leading an enthusiastic conclave of Light Workers in an invocation of Prema Light and Love, at unison with many souls and Light Holders simultaneously around the world, yet not physically present.

I could recognize the incredible technological opportunity – to include, to embrace, to “reach out” to many more individuals in a more direct manner, increasing the impact and effectiveness of our collective intent to imprint the energy of Prema Agni onto the mass consciousness. Also, that this relatively new techno window would prompt more of a worldwide cohesion amongst disparate pockets of Light Workers, to aggregate and husband more Divine Light onto the planet! And at the grass roots level, not just for the rarified and deified few who had access to a plethora of resources at the handy.

As well, with the advent of live remote access via internet (and thus ‘inner-net’) there will now be ‘nowhere to hide’; no excuse not to participate; nowhere to escape the onslaught of “spiritual media”. YouTube, Face Book, Twitter, UStream, to name a few…and that this is a good thing! We can all now feel more connected, and remain more focused together in that connection, in the present, in the NOW…to hold more Light…TOGETHER!

Normally, when one attends an event of Light, everyone is aware of remote participants tuning in, yet often there is an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude, still a sense somewhat of being isolated within the context of the group physically present in the room. Here, I was obligated, and delightfully so in continually including those at home tuning in, even guiding the evening with their participation in mind as viable as those in the room.

The Global Prema Agni Day provided a perfect (a)venue to make the leap of consciousness to include an expanded circle of souls anchoring the Light and Energy afforded us through the grace of the Prema Agni. Of course, there were glitches in the sound and the wi-fi connection did not work until about twelve minutes in, but interestingly enough, the majority of those who did tune in, did so at the exact time everything came together…and at the appropriate point to create video outtakes (which will be made available at the end of June 2012)!

Rather than get flustered, I maintained my composure and did not go into fear as the advertised start time of 7:00 p.m. ticked by…and as soon as I truly let go, yes about twelve minutes into the filming…viola, everything “turned on” and we all had a great experience.  Facets of working with the Prema Agni symbol spontaneously erupted from within me, and one could truly feel our ‘etheric brotherhood’ at home, adding to our outpouring of Light and Prema Love.

A sense of gratitude remains - for this amazing evening, for my Spiritual Teacher Derek O’Neill’s grace in giving his blessing for the filming; for my friend Michelle Fitch gifting me the room to use for the night, not to mention her tireless work on behalf of SQ here in the North East; for Al Leone's amazing service
in filming the event with truth and consciousness; for my beloved friend and colleague Teri Merliss for her support and help in demonstrating the Prema Agni; for Jodi Serota and her META CENTER NY for allowing us to film, and for all those whom attended both physically and remotely.

Long live the Prema Agni! I look forward to our next venture, co-facilitating with Teri a Prema Dharmadhatu Healing Circle again at META CENTER on September 10th, 2012, also through the service of Al Leone (and his expensive video equipment)! This will be geared as a fundraiser to benefit SQ Foundation and also be made available live remote! Soon this way of ‘video-connecting’ in Light will become the norm, and ever more Light will resonate with ever larger groups of people at the same time – and the Ascension will unfold more easily. The time is at hand!



Posted on the facebook page for the GLOBAL PREMA AGNI DAY - about the 'GPAD DAY' 2011:



What I recall most about last year’s GLOBAL PREMA AGNI DAY
was the marked level of increase in love energy generated during the ‘Prema
Agni Healing Circle’ which we had at the TRS Center here in Manhattan. Having
been blessed to have facilitated many Prema Circles throughout the years, it
was acutely evident to me that there was indeed present a more palpable infusion of love consciousness felt than ever before, particularly at the agreed upon universal moment of 3:33 p.m., wherever in the world one happened to be.

In that, although varying time zones non-withstanding, the Energy of the Prema
Agni could truly be felt to have expanded into a cohesive intention to stimulate heart centered awareness. This could be sensed even at the level of the soul, through direct visceral energetic effect, as though it were the most natural thing to experience in the world – and indeed it is!


One of the many benefits to promoting such a day as this, is that participation in any form can strengthen one to believe they could manifest such wonderful expressions of heart love frequently, even daily! It also was wonderful to note that our  collective effort, (all those around the world who participated in the many ways that they could) actually seemed to have served to begin to awaken the High Heart Chakra of the Planet, assisting the Ascension Process for all of Mankind.


This year I anticipate an even greater expansion of love energy circulating at this year's Prema Circle at the META CENTER. Having an annual day such as this is an excellent and pivotal way to allow us all to build our Light Quotient...and our Love Quotient. As we head into the Golden Age, it is the movements of the Heart which will most register with Source and have the most impact upon our collective future.


We must also not forget that as many more join in our Heart Song of Divine Love, we anchor ever increasing positive vibration into the mass consciousness, ultimately changing the way we live...and relate to each other. We can attain the level of awareness that will allow the majority of us to experience, the majority of the time...heart centered loving kindness, compassion...and joyity! The Global Prema Agni Day certainly contributes "heartily" towards this end.