Animal Healing

Our animal friends, both those we adopt to live with us and share our lives, and those who in the wild, hold a tremendous amount of Light, (not to mention helping the planet to operate) are sometimes overlooked in terms of healing. Of course, many pet owners embrace their animal friends as a member of the family, just as important as a child or sibling.


The truth is, many animal species are absorbing and "taking on" an extraordinary level of karma for Mankind. This often goes unnoticed and misunderstood. When whole species become immediately extinct, they are often "sacrificing" themselves through their passing, in that the energy of cause and effect on a collective level gets paid via their going through the process of divine retribution - for us!


Everything is connected and animals teach us this through their unconditional love, their attunement to the rythyms of life, and their willingness to be of service through an innate guidance which has no barriers, filters or agenda. It is often said that when we eat an animal we eat it's fear, and there is of course, the dualistic playing out of vegetarian vs. meat eater.


Added to that, the long held religious dogma that animals have no soul, has given humanity a sort of pseudo "permission" to look the other way, because there is a misconception that we need to eat meat, which in truth, we do not. For instance, our digestive systems often hold an 8 ounce steak for two weeks in the body, potentially causing many health problems!


As well there is the unfortunately huge enterprise of animal experimentation, which again is largely unnecessary and extremely cruel, yet accepted by the masses as a necessary evil. After all, according to religious doctrine, Humanity is to have dominion over other creatures.

All that being stated, everyone falls somewhere on the scale of belief as to the worth and value of our animal brethren. For a being of Light, who follows the Law of Attraction, one's attention is best spent on a solution rather than what the problems may be, which remain systemic, karmic in origin and in some cases a part of the Divine Plan unfolding. As the top-of-the-food-chain species on the Planet, we have the highest opportunity to evolve our consciousness. Many pets of healers are little healers themselves!


We can at any point intention healing to all the animals of the world, whenever we may like. This will help the bigger picture, whether or not it's effect is immediate. We must also keep in mind that animals too have karma which they need to work off, and as much love as they give us, we in turn enter into a sacred trust to take care of them as their destiny unfolds. A relationship between a human being and an animal can prove to be one of the most sacred of contracts that one can uphold.


To affect more specific healing, we can turn to the animals in our own sphere of influence, our own pets or those of friends or clients. As we help our animals heal, the "effect" will extend out beyond into the mass consciousness of the Animal Kingdom, and help ameliorate suffering and abuse.

ASCENSION LIGHT SOURCE honors the belief that an animal is equal to a human in the eyes of the Creator Force, and as such should be treated with the same kindness and respect we would afford our Fellow Man. Therefore, should you find that one of the animals in your charge is in need of healing, a Rising Star session is ideal, as the healing will definately raise their vibration, and in many cases add to their longevity. This is because an animal will readily, and often (barring a history of being abused) fully embrace the Light and Love that the Rising Star brings, which is the purest and highest Light in concentrated focus that one can integrate.


There is also the option of a Reiki session, if the condition that requires healing is less severe or the animal in question exhibits a defensive personality due to abuse or former neglect. In such a situation the gentle touch of Reiki will calm the temperament and can restore balance. There are other options for your pet which can be discussed when you are ready to schedule a session with ALS.


Mr. Citro will consult with you as to the ideal treatment for your beloved animal friend. Most sessions are done long distance, whether the animal is in the room or the healing is facilitated remotely. If your pet is amenable to a practitioner's touch, then the session can be conducted in-person and with you present in the room. All the particulars can be discussed at point of scheduling the session(s).



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